Fathers also play a part in our kids life. Is there a time that you ask your husband what is the best time and most fun things he shared with the kids? Thus I asked the kids what’s their happiest moment with their dad.

My husband and I works everyday from Monday to Friday. But my husband leaves the house earlier than I do, and came home late too. He sees the kids almost an hour in the morning and an hour at night. In the morning everybody’s busy preparing to leave. At night we make sure we eat our dinner together. After dinner that is the only time dad spend time with the kids at the shower. I let them watch TV for a few minutes before going to bed.

Groceries for the whole week, laundry and the house cleaning should be done on Saturday to open up family date on Sunday.  Family date is almost spent at the park on fine weather. For special occasions like birthday, anniversaries or special holidays were spent at hot springs or amusement parks.

At the park I let my husband play with the kids most of the time. And the kids loves to play with their dad instead of me. Probably my role is only to prepare their lunch box, toys and all the things needed for the whole day. My husband let me relax and be comfortable doing my hobbies. I love reading, so while they play I just read alone.

One time I open up a serious topic about father and kids relationship. Kids answers are funny and touching yet true.

They love to play with their dad because he can play like a kid. Playing with mom is fun either, but very strict in so many things.

It is very challenging to play with dad, because he moves quicker than mom.

Dad usually say go and run faster instead of saying no it’s too dangerous. Mom always say don’t do this or that it is too dangerous.

Mom always say, time over clean up. Dad say, it’s ok just for a minute.

And dad answers when I ask him his most happiest moments with the kids.

He loves playing ball games with the kids, because they play just like friends, very challenging.

It is easy to teach them how to be strong when they play wrestling.

I love to hug and kiss the kids so dearly, and it isn’t awkward to hug them every time they win.

While playing, I like how they talk to me freely. They honestly say they hate me for this or that. Unlike during dinner time, they don’t normally say what they hate or like. So during playtime, when I hear their secrets, their stories, I learn how they love and respect mom so much.

See how important it is to have a father and kids bonding? Kids act very different towards their mom. No matter how busy you are, shared time with your kids are precious.