Carpets are another source of bacteria causing allergies. They can easily accumulate dust and molds forming underneath that we almost fail to give enough attention. 

Regular cleaning of carpets especially when having pets and kids at home is beneficial to both our health and the environment. Kids loves playing and lying on the floors. Often times they spill drinks and foods that will form bacteria if not cleaned. Same thing with our pets, if not properly trained, carpets do suck up pets poops. 


Ways of cleaning and sanitizing our carpets are easy. Just don’t let your carpets stay on place without moving it once in a while. And if possible clean carpets at least once a week. 

I sanitized our carpets every other day because we have a toddler crawling and aggressively play on the floors. I hang the carpets and rags outside the house on a fine weather. Dust away both sides with a brush. And just let the sunshine sanitized and kill all bacteria playing on the carpets. While hanging all the carpets and rags outside I vacuum the floors and wipe with a wet cloth. I use water with a few drops of vinegar to sanitized the floors. Then I just let the air dries up the floor before I put back the carpets and rags.

Notice also that having a clean sanitized carpet will give you a relax and comfort feel. 

If you cannot afford to clean your carpets regularly, you may seek for a carpet cleaning agents. But of course be ready for an extra budget. It doesn’t matter as long as you have a safe and bacteria-free carpets all the time. I do this once a month or once a year to help me clear up stains and molds for more assurance. 

Photo courtesy of Suw.